What Are Terpenes? Why Do They Matter?

Terpenes are aromatic compounds, specifically found in cannabis, and secreted from the same glands responsible for the production of cannabinoids. They offer distinct colors, scents, and flavors. Can you imagine if all chicken, cheese, perfume, wine or essential oils tasted and/or smelled the same? Boring!
In addition to the nearly countless cannabis strains, terpenes offer even more options by doing its part in determining how an individual strain will taste and smell. With over 100 distinctive terpenes per cannabis plant, terpenes offer something for every palate while also determining whether an individual strain will serve as Sativa, Indica or a hybrid variety.

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The Three Types of Cannabis Strains

While there are only three species of marijuana plants (Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica and Hybrid Cannabis) cannabis strains climb into the thousands (the exact number is unknown).

Strains come from the breaking down of the cannabis plant into subspecies and varying types, each offering unique properties and effects. Think lettuce. Chances are that we think of more than the iceberg variety: Romaine, Bibb, etc., each offering a different culinary experience. Like lettuce, tomatoes and wine grapes, cannabis offers many options. This is great news because that means there is a strain for almost any human appeal and condition imaginable.

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